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We design and manufacture vacuum toilet and portable restroom

ZNZK vacuum toilet

The technologies used in “Vacuum Toilets” are from Zhenchuang Technology. “Water saving, odorless, and no gravity discharge” are the three main characteristics of “Vacuum Toilets”. The vacuum drainage technology it uses is a new technology that uses the principle of vacuum negative pressure to achieve sewage discharge. Its main structure is divided into three parts: terminal, host, and pipeline. Among them, the terminal mainly refers to “vacuum toilet, vacuum lifter, vacuum kitchen collector, vacuum collector”, etc.; the host is based on various principles and power levels. Different vacuum workstations; pipelines, mainly the vacuum negative pressure sewage pipeline from the terminal to the host.

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Compared with traditional toilets, “vacuum toilets” save water, are odorless, have low energy consumption, high frequency, use resources, and have no underground pipe network. Flushing toilets requires municipal sewage pipe network, which not only consumes a lot of water, but also has peculiar smell. The total amount of sewage generated is also large, and it is difficult to meet the high frequency use and the sewage treatment is difficult.
It is understood that the national standard for flushing sanitary ware in my country is that the amount of flushing water is 6 liters each time, and the average volume of human excrement is 0.3 liters each time, so that the total volume formed by each flushing is 6.3 liters. The water consumption of “vacuum toilet” flushing is 0.5 liters each time, which is equivalent to the amount of a bottle of mineral water, and the total volume formed by each flushing is only 0.8 liters.

vacuum tank
In addition, the “vacuum toilet” has negative pressure and no odor. The power consumption per flush is only 0.004 degrees. It allows more than a thousand times of continuous toilet use. It does not require an underground sewage pipe network. It is easy to use and collect. Human excrement is also an excellent raw material for organic fertilizer.

Yang Guihua introduced that the vacuum stool collection system they established has a vacuum source separation sewage treatment system. Toilet water in toilets is classified as black water, bath water, vegetable washing water, and laundry water are classified as gray water, and black water. Hehui water is two different collection systems, both of which can be recycled. In addition, the village has also built a vacuum sewage pipe network with a total length of nearly 20 kilometers. All gray water and part of the black water are collected through the vacuum sewage pipeline and then pumped to the municipal sewage pipeline network, and part of the vacuum toilet collects human excrement separately for the preparation of organic fertilizer.

Post time: 29-06-2021

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