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Vacuum Toilet and Portable Restroom Manufacturer

We design and manufacture vacuum toilet and portable restroom

Village Restroom Toilet Renovated into Restroom with Vacuum Toilets

In the past, this was a dry restroom, hard to be cleaned, and the water to be used was stored in a reservoir, which had to be filled once a week.

Now, the new restroom adopts vacuum toilets, and the water pipe is connected to the tap water pipe of the village. Each flushing only needs 0.5L, which saves a lot of water.

There are also many advantages, such as small pipe diameter, large flow, not easy to plug, can effectively prevent freezing and cracking, especially suitable for mountainous areas where water inlet and sewage are difficult to deal with.

Any more questions about our vacuum toilets, please contact Ms Qing Lin, email: qing@znzkcn.com图片1

Post time: 24-06-2021

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